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Hi from AISB Library,

Just a quick update on all that is going on in the library: All our new books have been received with great enthusiasm, by the entire school and teachers alike

This year I am happy to note, that I have seen a lot more middle and high school students choosing books. Keep it up! It is amazing what pleasure a well chosen book can give and not to mention how reading helps with all of your subjects. There is nothing more pleasurable for a teacher, than reading a well written assignment!

In the kindergarten, we are learning basic library rules and the difference between fiction and non-fiction, but more especially the love of books. This is continued right throughout our Elementary school, with our emphasis based on books, books and more books. Books used for research, the meaning, spelling and pronuniciation of words. Books used to find information and books used to find alternatives to  words, in order to write a good essay, book report or assignment.

As we progress through the elementary school, the students become more au fait with the Dewey system. In grade two, they begin to find books on the computer themselves. From grade three onwards, the pupils begin with Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesarus skills.

Besides doing Library skills, the students will also sometimes work on certain projects connected to their curricula.

Yours in Books,

Jenny Rose



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